The End of The Age

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4. Love in the Bible

Outcomes In this lesson, you will learn: Love verses Sin = lack of Love How Israelites lived by Love Law. Love Law for Christians Love is greater that any title He who does not love does not know God, for God is love (1 John 4:8). As GOD created us in His Image and likeness […]

3. Love and GOD’s Commandments

Outcomes from this lesson In this lesson, you will learn: Greatest Commandment, and  Love in the 10 Commandments Comparison of Love responsibilities, Greatest Commandment and 10 Commandments. How to apply Love in the society Enemy of Love The greatest Commandment is the summary of the 10 Commandments. The greatest Commandment is to Love GOD and […]

2. Love system

Outcomes from this lesson In this lesson, you will learn the followings: How Love manifests Love elements Responsibilities for each Love element Love structure Love laws Love definition   Notes: Everything that exists, has a system in it that enables its performance. A systems is collection of elements that work together to achieve a common […]

1. What is Love?

Outcomes You will learn: Overview of what other people said about Love Links FRESH, F. (2020, 01 16). The 8 Different Types of Love + the Perfect Combo for You. Retrieved from Health, U. o. (2020, 02 11). The Four Types of Love: Some Are Healthy, Some Are Not. Retrieved from […]