The End of The Age

Close this search box.

When you type the word to create in a Google search; you get the following: To bring (something) into existence.

Let’s study this definition.

  • To bring: to bring means it is done by someone. They can use force (energy), intelligence, and authority, but someone is behind it.
  • Something: means anything: Solid, liquid, Gaz, plasma or spiritual.
  • Existence: means alive, in life or reality.

Let’s reason:

  • 1st statement: According to Google’s definition, to create is to bring something into existence. Someone must bring it into existence so it can exist.
  • 2nd statement: Anything that is into existence was created.
  • Logic:  all things that exist were created(Natural or human-made).

Everything that exist has to be brought into existence so that it can exist. That’s the main reason why we have to work also to make things happen, because they can’t make themselves. Let’s see more information from Google search windows (screenshot):

If you look at this google search window again, you will see the creation similar words just below the definition. There are to Generate, produce, design, make, fabricate, fashion, manufacture, build, construct

Then again you can see most of these words mean also to bring things into existence. A builder brings a building into existence. A manufacturer brings a car, a computer, phones, steel, houseware… into existence. To produce is to bring a product into existence.

Since all those words are similar to the word to create, they also share the same meaning.  To build is to create, but to sound like an English native speaker, we say it is a building, but it is to bring a building into existence.

How is it done?

Look at the following image:

To build is like to create.

How do we build?

The 1st arrow shows that we build by putting bricks together to make a wall or a house. 2nd arrow; We assemble bricks using a mixture of cement, sand and water. 3rd arrow shows that we build to bring a wall into existence, the definition of the word to create.

All these creation similar words are things done by people. Buildings cannot build themselves because it is not possible. Cars and helicopters cannot manufacture themselves, and we already know that.

Image by Văn Tấn from Pixabay

Image by Văn Tấn from Pixabay

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Image by Pixorena Designs from Pixabay

Then look at these 4 images. 2 are human-made, and other two are a natural creation. There is no difference because both exist and were brought into existence. They do almost similar tasks. A fish and helicopter have the same structure.

Human-made things are brought into existence by people. We already saw an example of how a wall is built. Since natural things also exist and are similar to human-made things and both can interact, this means natural things were also created.

So, everything that exists was brought into existence. Everything that exists; were created.