The End of The Age

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When you type this question in Google search, you get many definitions of people trying to define Love. They explain that love is caring for others. They all agree that Love makes people feel attached to one another. But some people say that Love can also cause a person to misbehave. This depends on how Lovers mix love with their lust or how the loved one responds.

Many say that love is the essence of human life because love enables people to live together, work together, and achieve what they want to achieve (I think we all agree with that). They also say that love can differ depending on what people like; they say that one can also love animals and objects. For instance, People love their children, people love pets, people love money, cars, etc.

People talk about love in many ways, in poems, songs, and movies, but let’s see what philosophers say. Aristotle was one of the greatest philosophers in ancient Greek. He viewed Love as “to will the good of another.” Gottfried Leibniz said Love is to be delighted by the happiness of another. Jeremy Griffith defines love as unconditional selflessness (Wikipedia, 2021)

Ancient Greek philosophers studied and developed theories about Love (which are still being used even today).

According to Wikipedia, there are 6 Greek words for Love.

  1. Eros: is sexual passion, mostly between man and wife.
  2. Philia is the Love of friends or brotherly love.
  3. Storge: Love relationship of parents and their children.
  4. Agape: Selfless Love. It is Love that exists between GOD and people.
  5. Xenia: Hospitality, guest-friendship, charity and generosity.
  6. Philautia: To love oneself or regard for one’s own happiness or advantage.

Love is mostly associated with family matters since the family is the primary social unit of the other societies and also where life begins.

People have done much research about Love, but it seems like there is still a room that is not opened yet, and researchers focus more on Love nature.

What if we look at Love from a different angle? What if we study the behaviours of people involved in Love and see how they behave? Then we can see similarities and maybe can also understand Love from there.

Let’s tackle this issue differently, focusing on how Love manifests when people are affected. Let’s study the elements of Love.